As an individual enterprise or as a giant reseller you are involved in overseas and international ventures. This not easy and often complicated for the absence of reliability, expected quality, desired simplicity and in a word efficiency.

In this time of continuous change and dynamic competitiveness, it is ever hard challenge to get your right target for the right product with the right price bundled with in-time delivery and complete satisfaction.

It might be you looking for the optimum quantity at the most bargaining price, or the least quantity which only you need or may be looking for a mass quantity at the best price, which is pretty logical but on the counter side you find your sources talking their own that never suits you, or you need to strive to adjust with your demand with their unverified supplies.

Challenges are frequently coming as unavailability of a good source, unfit process for service inception and delivery, miss-match with quantity and quality desired. Altogether it simply jeopardizes your focus and causes for business and its growth.

However, when you are overwhelmed with this type of tactical or strategic situations in business and enterprising, you always then look for some brilliant solutions to manage it in a 360°. So, managing online enterprising calls for one stop reliable port where multiple stakeholders can dock in with safety and confidence.

Eventually, it requires such a support centre which is able to provide assistance on - Creating New Ventures, Managing Supply Chain, Managing Continuous Customer Relationship and finally Managing the Enterprise of any size with the most integrity.

FactoryDox is such a platform to unleash your capability for your business -enabling you with complete information management. It mobilizes you with Enterprise Resource Planning, with System Automations. This eventually will get you a better and a bigger Business Development. Starting from looking up a new business opportunity till the end of Customer Managemet System, it just boasts you up with multifaceted attribute on managing information and services. It definitely inspires you for using IT to create greater Value by simplifying IT at its best sort.

It is so featured with:
  • A dockyard of present and potential SBU’s
  • Smart guidance and platform for reliable factories geared and sponsored by FactoryDox
  • Certified categorization of reliable sources based on standardizations of factors involved in sourcing
  • Specific Product Assortment Pages based on industrial and individual trends
  • One Stop Tracking and Tracing of Product- from pre-order till delivery
  • Secure Information Management System with Data Encryption and Access Control
  • A complete Enterprise Management platform with easy to use and customizable suites
  • An intelligent industry and individual business management solution package to develop with efficiency and effectiveness.
Hereafter, when complexity in using IT just can make your business and process run little slow, and calls for higher price and difficulties in sourcing, FactoryDox offers you such a mass integration where you are finding reliable sources who are able to provide your desired products in a lowest price as they efficiently decreases their cost by automations. So it results you higher volume of profit as you also can save in extra cost and time. In addition, you are facilitated with finest quality and service online.

Hence, FactoryDox activates you with its simplicity, reliability and profitability with its friendly yet secured interface which gets you an inspiration to run faster in a pace which you never imagined before.